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Dynamics of Life, Spirit, Growth – Book Free Two More Days

September 16, 2016


Ever curious about how and why we come to see and believe things differently over time? How sometimes we seem stuck and occasionally we have a massive shift?

My just-released ebook on the process of learning, living and growing is free on Amazon today and tomorrow.

Whether you like understanding yourself and your own growth processes better or have responsibility to help guide others who seek spiritual and whole-life direction, I believe you’ll find some insights here.  This short excerpt lays out some of the issues and often strong feelings involved at transitional points in our life journey, involving our inner and our social lives, intertwined as they are:

Susan’s example reminds us that children are vulnerable not only on a physical or emotional level but also on a spiritual one which interplays heavily with emotions at this age that often carry into adulthood as well.  Her situation presents us with several elements of spiritual development which we will deal with in this book:

  1. Transitions are often linked with age, especially as the brain matures in late adolescence, but they can be connected to or triggered by a variety of circumstances which are very often social in nature.

  2. Transitions can be both liberating and fraught with emotional and interpersonal turmoil and mental confusion.

  3. The support and guidance of more mature people who have successfully navigated some or all of the pitfalls can be invaluable and it also gives them a sense of purpose and value to be able to help.

  4. Intellectual doubts (questioning a belief system) are often triggered by social situations or by tragedy and grief; however in the other direction, more “pure” intellectual questions often trigger social struggles within a family or a church – and the battles within families are generally more intense than those with more distant people; plus they are more easily triggered.

The book can be found here. It is fairly short and posting of any reviews will be much appreciated.  Also feel free to come back and comment here.


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