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“Spiritual Growth: Live the Questions, Love the Journey” Just Released

September 14, 2016


I’ve updated the earlier version of this ebook slightly and made it available on Amazon!

It is available there now, and starting tomorrow, Sept. 15, it will be available for free download until about Sept. 17 (Saturday).  Feel free to get it then and tell friends or otherwise promote it if you like it (or trust you will).  After the free period, it will be just $2.99, as it is fairly short at 87 Amazon pages.  And you don’t need a special reader of any kind.  It can be read on one of them or any computer, tablet or smartphone.

In this book I’ve tried to provide a general guide (or roadmap in the book’s analogy) to the journey of spiritual development and deepening understanding through life.  Most people do tend to have identifiable “stages” and sometimes clear transition points as they mature through life and its turning-point situations or “peak experiences”.  These general stages have been described in scholarly books and a few popular ones which I reference some in the book.  (But you won’t be troubled with footnotes there.) …

I worked to keep it readable and accessible for average young adult or older readers.  Yet there is information and ideas of real substance.  Things like how to better integrate the often-conflicting perspectives and conclusions of religion and science; how to make some sense of it if you find yourself no longer in sync with all the beliefs of a church or spiritual heritage you’ve long been in.   Such situations are trying ones for many people… often very emotional.  Having a framework for understanding the world, yourself and God that is both sturdy and flexible is one thing that helps.

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