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New Year, Where is Your Faith Journey Headed?

January 12, 2020

I find it difficult to adequately promote my own work. Well, one new thing for my New Year is working on changing that. But enough on my own “issues”….

The work I’m promoting right now is one you may benefit from. And I’m making it very easy to look into and potentially obtain. (It’s my ebook pictured and linked [to the right] where it can be gotten for under a buck; with a link in my headings area to a synopsis if you’d like to read that first.)

What I want to reiterate from other summaries is that this is a book based heavily on my own faith journey but also what I’ve learned about that of others. My inter-related areas of formal study, plus ongoing interactions online and offline tell me that, if you are thinking through your own spiritual pilgrimage, you probably have a lot in common with me and with many others. (We tend to move through similar growth processes, though the paths in going there are totally individual.)

Here’s to a rewarding, “growthful” year of spiritual exploration!

Oh… If you find the “Spiritual Growth” book helpful, please do me the favor of even a very brief review of it on its marketplace (and here as well).

My readers and I would love to also hear what you are currently exploring or intend to in the upcoming year. Please share!

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