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Evangelical Christians and Change

August 23, 2014

Those of us who have been part of Evangelical Christianity or have been close to the movement tend to have the impression that it never changes.

That is not far off… in that most Evangelicals and their leaders do take a timeless view of God and of “absolute truth”.  Such truth is, to them, revealed in the Bible.  Their concept is that current Evangelical or “Bible-believing” faith represents the faith “once for all delivered to the Saints” in the first century.  There is indeed a lot of resistance to both internal change and to supporting cultural change, especially around things involving sexuality.

However, as this fascinating article by a Scottish Anglican Provost claims, Evangelicals do change, even on issues they take very seriously, but tend to lag about 30 years behind the broader culture.  

The article is titled “10 Things Evangelicals Don’t Tell You at First”.  It’s not that these ten things (or others) are carefully-guarded secrets.  They are not actively hidden from outsiders or new members.  But at least some of them are either not realized by less-informed Evangelicals or are downplayed in most church services (such as belief in a literal hell and who is believed to be headed there).

There are other good insights in this fairly short article… things I find to be true to both the American Evangelicalism I grew up in and left about 20 years ago and to what I observe of current Evangelicalism.  Take a look, here.

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