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Momentum Toward Women Priests in the Mormon Church?

March 10, 2014

The Pew Research Center has recently released survey data about the small but perhaps significant push within the LDS Church (Mormons) to allow women to be priests.  It’s important to note that this is nowhere close to equivalent to priesthood in the Roman Catholic or Anglican/Episcopal Churches.  Rather, virtually all males in the LDS Church become priests.  There was a big flap about it when Blacks (males) were finally allowed to also in about 1979.  Mormons don’t have official “clergy” (paid professionals) in the way most Catholic and Protestant churches do.

I recommend the short article on the women-as-priests and related gender leadership and roles issues among Mormons, published by the Pew Research Center here.  Think that women more than men would be wanting “liberalization” in this area? Don’t assume!

Among the things the article discusses is the interesting move to lower the female missionary qualifying age from 21 to 19… male age has been lowered from 19 to 18.  This has greatly increased the number of women missionaries.  They are far less visible (or known about) than the men, who, at least in my area, are very commonly seen in pairs on the streets around town.

What thoughts or observations have you? 

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