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Jesus-Action Following the 2016 Election

November 12, 2016

We have calls-to-action aplenty, in just the fourth day after our stunning election. This is good in itself.  But we need well-advised action.  Planned and coordinated, though swift as well.

I’ve started my title with “Jesus-Action” because using “Christian”, whether as noun or adjective, has become too confused and confusing. Uses of the label “Christian” vary so widely only confusion can result.  And “Christian” reactions to the Trump phenomenon vary just as widely.  Thus my switch to “Jesus-Action”.  It’s not without difficulties either, but may penetrate better to a focus on “WWJD” (what would Jesus do?) in America, post-2016-election.  And what might Jesus have us do right now?

We certainly need to act in certain decisive ways. But before any major efforts, we need to see things clearly; think through implications and options; communicate extensively with our colleagues as we do all of these and set up for wise and well-coordinated action.

As Jesus-followers, churched or unchurched, we can take certain actions immediately… as I’m doing right here…making our voices and concerns heard.  We must counter local instances of hate-expression or violence that seem to be prompted by the campaign and election (whether by the “left” or the “right”).   I have also begun discussing resources and options for action with leadership teams in my church (a congregation of the United Church of Christ).  I’m there largely because it is a church focused heavily on acting as Jesus did and told us to.   

I’ve not had time to read a lot of the many articles, blog posts, etc., responding to the election and suggesting various reflections and actions. But one I have, from a favorite writer and Jesus-follower leader, Kathy Escobar (of Denver), expresses things particularly well and I encourage you to go read it here, along with my comment in response.

Please share with us what YOU are considering or planning to do!  

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