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Interesting “Pew” Findings on Spiritual Peace and Well-Being

January 21, 2016

What are we to make of this? A new Pew Research finding is that in recent years, a growing percentage of Americans regularly experience feelings of “spiritual peace and well-being”. More also regularly feel “a deep sense of wonder about the universe”.  The article released by Pew (here) notes that increased reports are coming not just from churched and religious people but also those who claim the “spiritual but not religious” label… and even some atheists.

When you overlay these findings with some seemingly opposite trends, it makes you ponder what may be going on, really.  If Pew’s findings can be taken as broadly true over the country, why the ever-higher (according to virtually every pundit) levels of anger and frustration about “the direction the country is headed” or the dysfunction of government?

Do most people keep their categories separate enough that they can be steaming mad about political issues (often cast in religious terms) or other things only part of the day or week? And during another part, find that inner peace?  Maybe… but one would hope the peace and well-being would spread out enough that people might keep rationality and civility engaged when working for their brand of political solution, lauding their favorite (often flame-throwing) candidate. That doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment.  But then statistics are funny things…. I’m signing off as it’s now my meditation time.

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