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90-year-old John Cobb Inspires with a Brilliant Summary of the Bible and Message of Jesus

May 15, 2015

Ninety years of learning and wisdom like you’ve never heard it before! And not abstractions but the distinctives of Jesus’ message and why we should follow it… stand in his prophetic tradition (even if we’re not “Christian”).

Besides his 90th birthday, the setting for this incredible brief talk (not really a sermon though given in a church) is the upcoming “Seizing an Alternative” conference – June 4-7 in Pomona, CA.

So I have two powerful reasons to link to Dr. Cobb’s message below.  First, because it is more than worth your time to hear it… a clear, compelling explanation of Jesus’ call to live out the “Kingdom of God” right now which fits with a broad range of Christian theologies and incorporates some people who don’t even identify as Christian.

Second, because the long-planned conference he has had a major role in organizing (he’s only “retired” on paper) is fast-approaching and I want to do my small part in promoting it.  Even if you know you won’t be attending, you should take a look at what this large and impacting conference is about… both why and how an alternative must be seized to the “business as usual” systems which threaten our spiritual and our physical welfare now more than ever before. 

First, Dr. Cobb’s talk is here

Second, check out this incredible conference here

And report in on how Dr. Cobb’s talk has impacted you and if you plan on attending the conference… PLEASE (I’d love to link up with you there).  

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