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Author Interview: “Apostle Paul; A Polite Bribe” Part II

March 28, 2015

If you have any interest whatever in the Bible, early Christianity, or particularly Paul and the other Apostles, you must go to the author interview linked from Ronald Way’s article here. He interviews Robert Orlando, the author of “Apostle Paul: A Polite Bribe” and film “A Polite Bribe”. See my reviews of both as well. But this 16 minute, Part 2 interview is more than worth the time… Listen to it, as well as Part 1!

Crossing The Line

Apostle Paul by Orlando 2 inTonight we are posting Part II of the Robert Orlando author interview for his book, the Apostle Paul: a Polite Bribe. As of this evening while I write this blog, over 1,100 of you have listened to Part I of the interview, which was posted last week. Now we finish this fascinating story back in time to when the very first Christians were being brought Paul’s universal message, “You are no longer Jew or Greek, no longer slave or freeborn, no longer male or female.”

You will also encounter the vicious struggle for control of the future of Christianity that was occurring in this first century world. Listen to Robert Orlando’s account of that last fateful meeting between Paul and the Jerusalem church as he arrives in the city, along with 20 of his gentile followers, to present his offering (a huge amount of gold), which turns out to…

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