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We Need to Mirror the President on “Extremist” Label

February 22, 2015

If you follow our American news even a little you’ve probably noted the flap over President Obama’s recent comments on terrorists in the Middle East and Africa.  If you’re not familiar, there’s been a lot of controversy over at least a couple related elements:

  1. That he continually calls the fighters concentrated in Syria and Iraq who label their organization an “Islamic State” simply “terrorists” or “extremists” without the inclusion of “Islamic”.  He reinforces the point by saying, repeatedly, that we must not think of the conflict as a war against Islam — even if just one extreme expression of it.  It is also not a “clash of civilizations”.
  2. In a recent important speech he rankled many (particularly conservatives) by reminding fellow Christians that historically many, on a large scale, have perpetrated atrocities in the name of Christ.  It is not that different from current terrorists using Islam as cover for their twisted ways.  (And the point is not whether the parallels are exact but that claiming alliance with a religion or spiritual leader is not the same as being a faithful follower, validly bearing the name… that all religions are vulnerable to being hijacked this way.) He warns against a smug “we’re superior” attitude.

All this President Obama is quite right about.  As an aside, it is refreshing to me to observe that in him we have a president who seems to be spiritually aware and truly more theologically adept than any president for a long, long time. Of course, he properly speaks very little about it.

Now to the main point: whether to call the largest (or any) group of terrorists “Islamic” or not.  If it were mere grammar knit-picking I wouldn’t weigh in. But it’s more.  I think the administration’s insistence is prompting important deeper thinking and a conversation that is needed.  More Americans, and others, need to get “on board” with him on this.

To me the issues are clearly about levels of personal and societal development more than they are about any religion.  (To my knowledge, it is Integral Theory… some of the writings of Ken Wilber and others following his basic model of human and societal development… that best explains why we have terrorists, what motivates them, etc. And Wilber actively calls on religious leaders to help religion (whether Christianity, Islam, or whatever) play the positive developmental role it can and should play toward virtually eliminating the seedbeds of terrorism.  Another very insightful resource on this is Terror in the Mind of God by Mark Juergensmeyer.)   

The issues also have to do with regions of the world and the economic, political and other factors in play there.  Yes, religion plays a part because it is a major aspect of how people structure their personal and societal lives.  But religions are widely diverse within their own “boundaries”.  So if we agree to accept Middle Eastern terrorists’ self-label as Islamic or as a valid expression of Islam I believe, as President Obama has also stated, that we actually support and reinforce their narrative.  If they are seen by young and impressionable Muslims or youth open to Islam from Western along with Middle Eastern countries as having a religiously-based utopian ideal, it seems no matter how many atrocities they publicly commit and revel in, these young people can be sucked in.  They are being drawn in, apparently by the thousands.  Take away at least some of this recruiting power by demonstrating clearly that there is nothing validly religious about their cause – that it is a demonic kind of brutality and barbarism for selfish, not selfless ends, and we might begin to disempower their evil.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. February 22, 2015 9:51 am

    get a 404 rejection when I try to pull this up …

    I agree, of course …

    how are you?

    Finally got Tom Atlee to take an interest in my project (he hates business)

    Had my two “Summits” this week, with Sam Daley-Harris and Jim Fishkin. I talk about melding their visions on my profile.

    BTW, I’d love to hear your comments on my utterly revised profile, my “vocational retooling”, and my 501c3 quest.



    • February 22, 2015 10:47 am

      Thanks…. but apparently on 2nd or later tries it worked… any secrets? I noted same problem once on trying to post it, but it seemed to clear and now I go straight in as an “outsider”. Hopefully other readers will inform me if they have problems.

      I will look at your profile, etc. Your “melding” and such sounds exciting. Glad for your progress! (To other readers, check out Norlyn’s vision and the related efforts of deliberative democracy and the push for “Citizen’s Cabinets”… these are the best moves I know of in the process to really advance democracy, and its true strengths. Not mere utopian dreams, either! Workable stuff. And Norlyn, sorry if I’m leaving out important, maybe newer [?] aspects… let us know!)

      Ironically, tho avoiding ALL the national cold temps and even the wetness (unfortunately) in our region, I picked up a mild virus a few days ago. But it is on its way out, I trust.

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