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Where to Find Effective Career Direction Help?

June 13, 2014

For the last several months, I’ve been preparing a new and unique approach to helping youth and adults of any age (mainly young adults) find and develop a good career fit.  We might even say “the right” career.  Not to imply there is only one “right” one.

For Christians, this quickly brings up a question:

“What does this have to do with the Christian concept of a “calling”? Is that different? Can I pursue a career if I’m not clear if it is “God’s will”?

If you, as a reader here, are either Christian in some form, are uncertain if you want to be Christian or not, or are a general spiritual-but-not-religious type, keep reading and “follow” this blog, as it plus a related site I’m constructing and will link to, will be doing a number of things to provide practical help toward the best possible career for you.  That may include your educational or other preparation plans as well as the process of applying knowledge and qualifications you already have more effectively toward getting into a better job(s) or establishing a business.

(I will continue to also post on various issues of American Christianity, psychology of religion, biblical issues of particular importance, social issues related to religion, etc.)

If you are inclined toward ministry, especially in a church or in some form of “mission” (as in missionary or missional), you or others may consider it being “called” by God.  But is this situation necessarily any different than the draw toward a particular career area or specific role within a general area, such as a heart surgeon within the field of medicine? Are people also not perhaps “called” to a “secular”, even a business-oriented career?

My purpose right now is not to delve into this question deeply, but to suggest that there is a powerfully spiritual component in whatever any of us do to make a living…. Any of us, Christian or not!  On one hand, that spiritual element may lead us to find deep satisfaction and meaning in what we do.  On the other hand, it may result in our hating our job and having work seem meaningless.  Unfortunately, recent surveys have consistently shown that more people find themselves on the “meaningless” side, and unsatisfied, likely drained by their work.

There are a number of reasons for this, but a major one is that the person has not either determined what they are most interested in and skilled for, or they have but not been able to gain the necessary training or land a pertinent job.   This is frustrating, isn’t it (if you’ve been there as I have)? It may involve getting stuck in a job-and-life situation and not finding a way to move toward something better.  But even in this, there is usually a potential solution… something much better ahead that can be discovered… in taking some time to explore oneself more deeply, and to work on oneself as much as a direct job-search process, at least for a time.

I don’t mean just “inner exploration” or a spiritual discernment approach to finding “God’s will for my life”.  It will involve such inner work, framed and labeled in ways familiar through one’s influences of education, culture and church or religion.  (In terms of our subject, what a spiritual-but-not-religious person might call “following my passion” a traditional Christian might call “God’s will for my life” — basically, they are equivalent.)  In either case, it takes more than one’s own self-knowledge, important as that is, to plug meaningfully into the working world.

Here are a few of the other elements:

  • Perceptions and feedback from other people
  • A variety of test results that include physical, musical, artistic and other abilities not covered in typical aptitude tests
  • Personality profiling or “typing” and how it relates to careers and specific job roles
  • A detailed PLAN for setting and reaching appropriate goals in the exploration, education/training and get-into-a-job phases (which can and probably should overlap).

(Hint: Getting as efficiently as possible through all this is greatly aided by enlisting coaching help and following good resources.)  

I will fairly soon post further on these issues, including a discussion of some of the better resources I’ve discovered which can greatly help in the development of one’s career from exploration to finding or changing jobs.

In relation to all this, I’m wondering where you currently are if you are in a job of some kind.  Please respond to this one-item, super simple survey.  Thanks!

Comments are welcomed…. Your experiences may help others and will further enlighten me… and maybe I can respond with something helpful.   

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