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Beauty at the Core… of Universe and of Us

August 16, 2013
English: Paeonia lactiflora "Bowl of Beau...

English: Paeonia lactiflora “Bowl of Beauty”, photographed in the gardens of Forde Abbey, Somerset/Dorset, UK. The modified white stamens of the flower would produce pollen in the wild, but this cultivar is male-sterile. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Perhaps one of the most basic of thoughts about spirituality is that we resonate with what exists around us… in both the material and immaterial worlds.


In a nutshell, is that what beauty is?


Is that why people “commune with God” in nature?


Is beauty perhaps the connection point between our own material and immaterial (spiritual) existence?


All these thoughts were prompted this morning by a great article on beauty by Dr. David White, which is found here.  I highly recommend it!


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