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Science and Religion: In Conflict or Not?

June 15, 2013

My last post covered a few of my favorite resources that look at the broadest possible picture of the world! Their authors are trying to figure out what “reality” really is…. What does it mean for us?  But further than that, they and many others are interested in how we discover things. The title of a wonderful book by astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell (one of 12 men to walk on the moon, for my younger readers) catches it: The Way of the Explorer.

According to the Dr. himself (I emphasize the title, as many don’t realize he was much more than a “right stuff” cocky test pilot — Ph.D. in physics), he was even more passionate about exploring the deeper, largely hidden (to us in this life at least) nature of reality and the universe than its mere physical expression.  The subtitle of the largely autobiographical book is An Apollo Astronaut’s Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds.  

Mitchell is also an example of the rapidly increasing number of people with strong scientific credentials who seek to coordinate science and “metascience” (and in Mitchell’s case, raised in a religious family in the Bible Belt, a strong knowledge of Christianity as well).  I just made up “metascience”, not knowing if others have used it, to express “beyond what science can presently measure or cares to examine.”  It is not necessarily “metaphysics” as we tend to sometimes think of that – philosophically or religiously.  But the point is “coordinating” as much as “harmonizing”.  The universe (or multi-verse), I’m convinced–aren’t you?–is unified.  We make separate categories to help us grasp and study things.

Serious, open thinkers like Mitchell realize this and do not see “science” in conflict with “mysticism” or with “religion,” “spirituality” or any such category.  Neither do I.

How about you?  (Readers will welcome your input, as will I.)

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