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Religious Professors Call Out Their Own on The Bible and Marriage

June 7, 2013

Marriage (Photo credit: Lel4nd)


A Sign the Tide is Turning, Faster?


A trio of prominent Iowa professors of religion and the Bible has written a bold article challenging the commonly cited idea that the Bible defines marriage as between one man and one woman…. Anyway, they think it is bold, and probably for good reason.


Politicians, talk show hosts and others seem to be getting away handily with such uninformed comments and vitriol is often in store for those who would challenge, even when the case is pretty clear supporting them.  A report about the article can be found on Huff Post here:


My comment takes a side angle, but a vita one: For those who want to see the Bible as setting up and defending our current cultural ideal about marriage (and faithful monogamy is clearly a helpful, good model, for same-sex and opposite-sex unions): Get to know your Bible; look at your own probably subconscious fears and reasons for reactiveness about changing definitions of marriage and models of family life.  Realize that change in this area is not automatically bad…. seldom have the conventions of family life been static for very long… maybe some of the current ones are adaptive for current society, and represent a higher regard for marriage and its family’s members, not a lower one.


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