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What do YOU see for 2013?

December 29, 2012
AMNH --- Maya Stone Calendar

AMNH — Maya Stone Calendar (Photo credit: David Cesarino)


What do you look for in 2013? What do you plan to accomplish that is either new or an add-on to what you’re doing already?


Do you have either particularly optimistic views for developments in society or especially pessimistic ones? Or just business as usual?


I’ll give just one hunch of mine for you to respond to: I am at least hopeful (if not very confident) that the “end of the era” of the Mayan calendar DOES have some significance.  Specifically, I mean that we may have already been and still are transitioning to some aspects of raised consciousness or “positive” energy.


And that despite the recent horrible “outbreak” of several vicious and pointless uses of violence.  I don’t support mere passivity in the hope that these kinds of events will again diminish… there is MUCH to be done, proactively.  However, it may prove, in time, that we are not “going downhill” even faster, overall as a society.  That is at least my hope for 2013.


How about you?



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