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December 7, 2012

Christmas and what it represents both in our culture and for individuals is so important that it bears some real reflection, seldom done by most of us. This good article from one of my online friends I think reflects ideas similar to those of many of us who still try to identify with the broad strokes of Christian faith though not with much of traditional dogma and creeds.

Crystal St. Marie Lewis

“Veiled in flesh the Godhead see; Hail the incarnate Deity,
Pleased with us in flesh to dwell; Jesus our Emmanuel.”
-From “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”, Charles Wesley, 1739

angel singing“Hark the Herald Angels Sing” is and has always been one of my favorite Christmas carols, however my reasons for loving this song changed quite a bit several years ago. I had made the decision one year to dramatically rethink my understanding of what it meant to be a Christian, as I was no longer able to employ a traditional interpretation of the gospels.

To be honest, this decision seemed to work well for the greater part of the year. I had no problem reading Paul’s letters as cultural commentary, or the Hebrew Bible as a mixture of poetry and legend. However, I found tremendous difficulty reconciling the incarnation and the texts surrounding them with my newfound perspective.

My incarnation misgivings…

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