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Gender Roles and The Need to Control

June 17, 2012

I have been literally blown away at the amount and depth of discussion about egalitarianism on Rachel Held Evan’s blog and the many, many (like 188) others she linked with week before last.  I’m thrilled to see so much interest and eagerness to share, to probe, to encourage one another, etc.  The encouragement one might think would be just for women, but I think many of us men are grateful for encouragement, for signs of progress, for the example of bold women, or scared women who still will speak up, etc.

To me there is no question that movement on this subject, from gender roles in home life, public life or church and ministry leadership, is tied to other important issues about proper use of authority, the “filters” or gatekeepers of information and various expressions of power. 

Today, I’ve determined to be brief and to merely invite thought and responses to either my earlier post (two prior, as well as the one linked just below) or to this simple thought: How much do you think men’s desire (or need) to be in control has to do with the positions they take on male leadership, either in the home or in churches or other institutions?


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