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Your Questions and Struggles

May 28, 2012

I Need Your Feedback!

I am working on a short book and need you to help me be sure it hits the issues you, and many like you, are dealing with.  Your comments below will help greatly.  I have many issues I’d like to deal with, but they may not always be ones that many people are interested in.  So I would much appreciate some input.

As one part of this, I’m starting to collect stories of people’s spiritual journeys — or any small or large aspect of them.  For example, some I know are struggling within churches where they feel they don’t fully fit.  But finding a good fit may not be easy.  Or leaving behind friends may be a problem.  Others are just beginning to question or doubt things they’ve been taught and don’t know where to look for deeper answers, or who to trust (if anyone).  These are a couple of the areas I’m particularly interested in writing more about, in an organized way that I want to be as helpful as possible. 

But if your particular issue or need doesn’t seem to fit within this exactly, I’d still like your input — this is wide open for anything to do with spirituality, religion, etc., whether or not you are personally involved in anything formal in these areas–any group, etc.

To take it one step further, I am also collecting stories of people’s journeys or any aspect of them particularly meaningful to them–a struggle, a breakthrough, a triumph (or what feels like one), etc. 

I would love to send a free copy of the book (not even titled yet, but it will have to do with a personal psychology of spiritual seeking and growth) to everyone who contributes a relevant story of anywhere from a few paragraphs to a page or two.  (I can’t promise to read lengthy tomes right now!) 

Later we can discuss whether I may want to quote or paraphrase from it, with anonymity probably, and definitely if desired.  But I am happy to send the book regardless–just for your effort and being helpful (it will at least initially be an ebook). I will be working on a good system for doing this, and for us to correspond, but for now, just please share your questions or issues as a comment and indicate if you might like to share a story–either right there or that you want to send it to me privately.  Thank you!

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