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Do You Experience God? As Holy Spirit?

May 19, 2012

How do you experience God? Or do you believe you don’t at all?

The last two posts have been on the first historian of the Christian Church, Luke, who wrote a Gospel later titled by his name, and the Acts of the Apostles.  Actually, more on his themes than on Luke as a person.  I noted that Luke emphasizes the “coming” of the Holy Spirit as absolutely necessary and the force behind the implementation of a New Covenant and the empowering of the Apostles and others to live it out and spread it.  For both Luke and Christianity as it developed after him, the Holy Spirit was, and typically is yet known as the “Person” (of the Godhead) working within both believers (toward greater holiness, guidance, empowerment and sometimes phenomenal “gifts of the Spirit”) and non-believers (toward coming to salvation).  Many people view our many and varied experiences of God as coming through the Holy Spirit. 

Rather than go further into theology or history now, I wanted to turn “practical” — to your and my daily and lifespan experiences.  I plan to take this personal and practical approach alternately with one that spends more time on history and ideas. 

So back to my lead-in question: Do you experience God? If so, in what ways or what experience (perhaps one-time), or experiences?

Or are you not consciously aware of experiencing God but perhaps think about him/her and believe you someday (perhaps after death) will have a positive encounter (i.e., experience God)?


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