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Your Relationship to Christianity, Christians

February 3, 2011

OK, a confession: I have little idea who most of my readers of this blog are. A few comment from time to time, which I love and am grateful for.  By “who” I don’t mean necessarily by name or even username. I mean what they (you) are about, their current thinking and practices of religion/spirituality, if any, etc.

If you look back to my much-earlier posts you may notice that they focused more on the actual blog title of “natural spirituality.”  I chose that title carefully, after some searching.  I thought it was the best short phrase I could find to express the way I’d come to see reality, as broadly as my humanly-embodied vision would allow. 

And this was after a childhood and adulthood, to about age 45, very involved in “traditional” and largely conservative Christianity, then a period of a dozen years or so outside “the fold” rethinking, exploring spirituality more broadly and integrating the latest science.  Now, a few years later, I have not significantly changed my worldview, spiritual cosmology, or “theology.” Yet, my ongoing interest in Christian origins and in what is happening with other people (some of them friends and relatives) who are active Christians of varying perspectives, has pulled me back toward re-establishing more personal ties with Christianity.  Not a return to aligning with the traditional dogma, but with the efforts of many Christians to live and work from the core ethical, compassionate and spiritual teachings of Jesus.  One expression of this, as I’ve posted about recently, is going to the Big Tent Christianity conference: “Being and Becoming the Church” on Feb. 10 and 11.  So expect a flurry of posts about that, but still with the “natural spirituality” perspective, in the days following. 

Now, back to my query: Where do you currently align yourself? Where do you fellowship (or hang out, etc.) or worship? If you are not affiliated with nor attending any group, what has been your spiritual journey, and where do you seem headed now? What are some of the issues you either struggle with or find of particular interest?

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  1. Cerbaz permalink
    February 6, 2011 1:43 am

    Hi I just went back to Ken’s last post and saw that you had a blog and thought I would read what you were writing about because I always liked your comments. Where am I in my spiritual journey? I am exploring everything I have been taught in the christian fundalmentalist world and finding myself becoming an agnostic. A blog I thought might interest you is called “moving from faith to reason”. The author of this blog contacted Ken about doing a survey about christian beliefs. I will continue to visit your blog.

    • Howard Pepper permalink
      February 6, 2011 4:49 am

      Hi Cerbaz,

      Glad you discovered this blog. Your contributions will be welcomed. And thanks for the compliment. I will check out the blog you mention.

      I’m hoping you are finding your explorations and coming to more “don’t know” (agnostic) positions to be an adventure and not an anxious journey. Can you fill us in a little? It varies so much person to person, I never want to presume. And I think it’s important others know that what traditional Christianity teaches is a source of great anxiety for many, despite that grace and love are said to be the real core.


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