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Evolutionary Christianity

January 22, 2011

I just got off a webinar panel discussion sponsored by Evolutionary Christianity and Michael Dowd and his wife. I just discovered his long-running series of 38 interviews (I think) with many thought leaders in science and theology, and the interface of the two, and with other religious/spiritual leaders and innovators. Those have ended, and this was about the second of several panel discussions now planned, at a-couple-a-week or so. Go to his website: for info on what is upcoming.

The call was very encouraging and stimulating to me, as I think it would be to many readers of this blog. If you have struggled with participation in any of the predominant forms or churches of Christian faith, or other faiths, the kind of perspective shared on this call (which will be archived for later hearing, I believe, and a blog of responses and interactions should be up shortly, if not already as I write Sat. afternoon). The theme was “Deep-time Eyes and Global Heart.”

All three panelists made excellent comments, but perhaps my favorite, for the clarity and directness of his comments was a one-time professor of mine at Claremont School of Theology/Center for Process Studies in the early ’90s, John Cobb. Dr. Cobb is a remarkable and gracious man of immense knowledge and moral stature, and now probably into his 90s. By the sharpness of his mind, you’d never guess it.

I wish to pass along this information and encourage checking out the remaining schedule of Dowd’s programs as well as his website and his book, “Thank God for Evolution.” He is on the cutting edge of what is a growing, developing movement of not only integrating science and religion more effectively, but pushing the maturation of both “disciplines.” In terms of religion that particularly means more compassion, inclusiveness, sharing of common ground and care for the earth and ALL its inhabitants, human and flora/fauna.

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