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Your Top Two Issues about Religion

December 20, 2010

If you read my post of yesterday, “Let’s Get Personal About Faith,” you might be able to get a sense regarding my top couple issues about religion. Actually, I’m not sure about rank-order myself. But right up there would have to be that I want to be conscious of my real reasons for believing or disbelieving whatever I do. Similarly, I insist that my views be informed–based on the best information I can get, not on mere feelings, reactions or passed-along traditions. And I believe such a focus by everyone would result in a much “saner” religious landscape. What about you? 

By the way, I don’t mean everyone should spends lots of time seeking out information if it doesn’t interest them.  But everyone can and should evaluate their sources carefully and at least seek out solid confirming and disagreeing sources before taking on (or continuing) important positions (beliefs). 

Also at the top is my intention and actions to live consistently, particularly in the expression of love, with what my conscious and stated beliefs are. This is a basic, probably universal element shared by all major religions and those seeking to live spiritually outside of formal religion. Does this one rank high for you also? Do you struggle on this level? (If so, take it as a good sign… if you were not quite as developed, it might not even be a concern. You might be stuck on how others aren’t loving YOU enough!)

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