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What Are the Biggest Religious Problems Today?

December 15, 2010

One of the underlying issues prompting this blog is this: that much of religion, especially as observed and taught by churches and insititutions, works against moral, emotional and spiritual maturity in individuals and society. Certainly, there are important and valuable things that “organized” religion contributes also. But isn’t it possible to retain and take advantage of such things as community, compassionate actions, etc. while pushing out the dysfunctional aspects (particularly dogmas with absolute, simplistic yet confusing slogans and formulas, supposedly given as such by God)?

Now, many people, as they mature and ask deeper questions, do drop out of “traditional” churches, both of conservative and liberal types. But if anything, conservative, dogma-driven churches remain relatively stronger and more popular. Why do you think the more liberal denominations and individual churches within mixed denominations only seem to diminish? Do you see things they can and should be doing to revitalize, or are you willing to see them wither and leave the main religious landscape to the more literalist and dogmatic churches?


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