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Growth in Beliefs and Actions

September 24, 2009

This blog is dedicated to people’s individual spiritual development as well as to family, community, societal and global issues impacted by religion and spirituality.  Of course, the two areas can’t be separated.  What we experience, and our interpretation of those experiences, combined with other beliefs, will lead to actions (or choices not to act).  What we often lack is a conscious and purposely self-directed spirituality.  Having one helps us be in control of our actions or inaction.   

We often fail to realize that we can choose to do things that will update and upgrade our beliefs and lead us into deeper experiences of life, whether we choose to label them religious, spiritual, “God thing” events, synchronicities or whatever.  We can take on regular spiritual practices (like the naps that my meditation times usually turn into) that will impact the quality of our lives.  They may give us exciting glimpses of spiritual aspects of life that would otherwise go by unseen or unexperienced with awareness.  They may simply help us de-stress, with the side benefit of kinder, more caring behavior.  And these practices usually have very little, if anything, to do with particular theological beliefs.  Their use, and our sharing about them with one another is another point of celebrating human common ground.  This can be done apart from culture, personality, or even religious beliefs, though it may involve transcendence above “daily life,” and touch things of “the spirit.”

I’ve touched, however briefly, on one of my spiritual “disciplines” (ha!).  What is one (or more) of yours? How does it help you cope with life, be inspired about life, etc.?

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